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My name is Gita
I love Westlife,Hey!say!JUMP,Arashi,Breakerz,Mai Kuraki,Garnet Crow,ZARD,Rina Auichi,Naifu
I'm first senior high school.
I love all jump member especially Inoo Kei,and member from westlife is Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily.
My hobby is reading manga,listening to music,watch anime.
I love soundtrack song from detective conan especially from Mai Kuraki,Garnet Crow & ZARD.

Minna Yoroshiku^^


JUMP members get asked about their every day lives x)


Wink Up, January 2014 Real Way of Life Survey
[What in the world do the idols we care for do in their everyday lives?! This month we asked the JUMP members about how they spend their free days. Try imagining it while reading it~]

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Vacation,here I come!

This week,I went to Banda Aceh to attend my cousin's wedding.
At there,my aunts keep saying that my face and my laugh looks like my mother's.I don't know I should happy or not. Because most people said if the daughther has her mom's face they would be always got a fought till the daughther got married.
today,we went to Lhonga Sea,The sea looked bit wider and deeper.Before Tsunami came in 2004,the sea was so small.
Maybe,I would spent my holiday for two weeks in here.

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Hey!Say!JUMP with ME


Try it HERE

I have to blank my full name

[CINEMA] Home Sweet Home

"Mommy,do you want me?"Ask 4 years old boy to his mother.
"Even though you don't want me,I'll always want you"Answer his mother then kiss her son's forehead

May (Shu Qi) move into a new apartment with her family.she's an introvert who only cares for husband Ray and son Chi Lo.May would rather spend her time playing alone with Chi Lo,his only son than chatting with her neighbors.Without them knowing

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Happy Birthday Nakajima Yuto-kun

Ada yang tambah tua nih? kalian tau nggak siapa orangnya? ya,orang itu adalah Nakajima Yuto alias suaminya Chinen sekaligus calon suami saya.

Selamat ulang tahun buat (calon) suami saya , mudah-mudahan yuto diberi berkah,tambah sukses, makin ganteng,tambah tinggi. dan makin intim sama chinen .

Karena saya menganggap Yuto itu kekasih Chinen,sebagai hadiah ultah-nya yuto,saya bakalan picspam foto Yuti sama Chinen (NakaChii)
Rasanya kalau melihat mereka di YY club, keyak lihat abang-adik yang akrab dan yang lebih sering mereka keya' orang  pacaran yang lagi kasmaran,nggak saat  mereka berdua lagi sama Yamada.Kalau ngelihat YamaJima & YamaChii rasanya ngelihat pasangan hentai Monkey Icon.
Dihajar Yama  Monkey Emoticon Monkey Winks

Langsung kita lihat di TKP :

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2012 / 8 / 7, Inoo was helping the victims of the big earthquake that happened last year 2011, Also his university「meiji」is supporting the disaster area by reconstruction the buildings, Getting help by those students who’re belonging to Department of Architecture in the university and very helpful in reconstruction the building.

cr: inoo-kun

first I read this,I don't know how I react.I'm so proud of him.My inoo-chan is so smart,isn't he?
When I read  Aramatheydidn't's post and see all those comments to  support him make me happy.
Looks like Inoo make all his fans (including me) get motivated to study because of him.
When I got
high school entrance examination at my favorite  high school,I'm study hard because I wanna be like him.
Even though I know I never love science like he does -_-

Ganbate ne,Inoo-chan
whatever you do, I'll always support you.Don't let anything become 
prohibitive for your success.
so keep struggle :D


Happy wedding Anniversary for Nicky & Georgina,Hope you guys will get more happiness,more lovable and be a great parents for your kids.

Sorry,I can't give you a gift,I just give you a wish.
even though this can't called a gift,but I'll share their love story,their pic and love qoute for them

Enjoy your self :)

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Everybody Say Jump!

Buat semua penggemar Hey!Say!JUMP pasti sudah tahu album kedua mereka yang judulnya JUMP WORLD.Ini adalah album mereka yang kedua setelah album pertama mereka yang berjudul JUMP NO.1.Album Jump World sudah dirilis pada tanggal 6 juni bulan lalu.Album ini sebagai penanda album mereka yang pertama tanpa Ryutaro.

Kalian pasti bertanya,kalau udah dirilis bulan lalu kenapa saya ngulas albumnya sekarang?

Bukan begitu,sebenarnya gita mau ngulas albumnya bulan lalu,tapi karena terlalu sibuk menyiapin tahun ajaran baru jadinya nggak sempat.

Karena Saya sekarang lagi ada waktu luang,mari kita ulas lagu-lagu Jump World,

Karena Single mereka yang lalu juga dimasukkin kealbum ini.jadinya ada lagu yang saya

ulas ada juga yang tidak.Seperti lagu Spicy,Magic Power,arigatou sekai no doko ni itemo dan Endless Dream.harap maklum ya.

Check it out XD

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Shonen Club,Matsumoto Kohei,and HSJ's song

Because of personal problem,looks like I'll miss out inoo's birthday day after tomorrow.I'm really want celebrate his birthday,but what can I do?.
I watched shokura earlier,at JUMP family segment,Inoo choosed as grandfather.I wonder why,but Inoo is too young become grandfather.Yuto choosed as grandmother,Inoo refused because he don't want Yuto to be his wife.I laughed saw Yuto's expression.maybe he want Daiki,Yabu,Hikaru to be his wife *biased.
For parents,Hikaru choosed to be dad and (of course) yabu gonna be the mother.I'm already expect that.
Takaki got Onii-chan role because he has image the son who never go home and come back at new year XD.Yamada got Onee-chan role because she can cook.but this is the first time there is daughter who had muscles XD.
Daiki got role as little brother and Keito got role as little sister.Keito is too machoo become little sister.
And there is ryutaro watch them in audience's seat.OMG,i miss that boy.He's grown up already,and looks like he is taller than chinen now O.o .
Recently,I stalking matsumoto Kohei's twitter. He had followed 395 account now.It makes me think,among his account twitter he's following,I'm sure inoo also has twitter and he is connected with Kohei.maybe I should stalk kohei's twitter right now*kidding.maybe I'm just look at his followed list.
This morning,I went to karaoke box with my friend.this is the first time we went to karaoke box.I'm suprised because HSJ's song is in song list at karaoke.even though it's just Arigatou song,I'm happy sang that song :)

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