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[CINEMA] Home Sweet Home

"Mommy,do you want me?"Ask 4 years old boy to his mother.
"Even though you don't want me,I'll always want you"Answer his mother then kiss her son's forehead

May (Shu Qi) move into a new apartment with her family.she's an introvert who only cares for husband Ray and son Chi Lo.May would rather spend her time playing alone with Chi Lo,his only son than chatting with her neighbors.Without them knowing

,there's a disfigured and emotionally unstable woman who rummages through their trash.

When May and Chi Lo invited to her neighbor's daughter,Chi Lo is missing.the local cops try hard to find him but there's no result.Her husband,Ray also try hard to find his son.

Then May and her husband find their son in air conditioning ducts,when Ray try to make his son out from there.He's killed by the mysterious woman and kidnapped Chi Lo again.

May crawl through the air conditioning ducts and generally make a mess of the place in search of her missing child and that make her neighborhood feel uncomfortable.
May must fight alone,as the cops,her neighbors, and the nonexistent management of the housing estate pretty much write her off as paranoid and delusional. Of course, given the fact that her kid did disappear in a frighteningly odd way.

Then she found that woman is Yan Hon (Karena Lam).She's a deranged woman who live there 10 years ago before the apartment got built.now she lives in the pipes and sewage system of the complex.Yan Hong always  eyed Chi Lo ever since he set foot into the complex because she's mistaken Chi Lo as her died son.

it's sad that two emotionally damaged women are fighting over lost children.

When May found her son,Chi Lo don't know her anymore.He thought that Yan Hong is his mother.because He always loved by her.

when the end of scene,Yan Hong committed to suicide with jump in roof of apartment and die.


I was crying while watched this movie,saw Yan Hong's past is make me sad.When his husband fight to the police because he don't want his house got crushed then he's died because his body got burned.And His real son try hard to find the food from trash for her,then he died because crushed by house building,then his body found in next 2 years later.
I understand why she get despressed by that

But still,when Chi Lo ask her mother if she wants him make my heart touched :'(
I also hate the police and her neighbor.Why they didn't help May to find her son?

Then I'm so scared when Yan Hong opened the can with his mouth and get blood.
And now I'm regret watched it in the middle of the night.
I'm afraid if there's someone watching our house and wait for a chance to get in.



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